NBS is the first Institute of its own kind in this region, which is completely dedicated to the Competition Oriented & Student Centered Education. We provide guidelines in the best study material of high standard from time to time. How much a student takes benefit of this material depends on the labor, efficiency and dedication of the candidate.

Frontier and pragmatic leaders NBS ranks on any list of great success stories. Under its roof, the many succeeded at their seemingly impossible wartime mission. Remember that if you are looking at success, it is available to you INDIA WIDE within this year or less. At NBS we see learning as a life-long skill and endeavor to provide, in partnership with parents and the community, the best possible education for each and every student in our care. We aim to ensure that learning experiences are of the highest quality through a continuous review process

We believe that education should aim to develop a growing understanding of the world of completions in which we live and an increasing ability to play a fulfilling and active role within it.


We endeavor to provide each day that excites, challenges and motivates every student.

NBS : An Innovative and sustainable use of entrance exam resources – the theme of our class room coaching will cover the tips and techniques how to achieve top performance from our experts to make you succeed tough competition, tight economical and environmental situations.

Teachers organised and monitor student ‘s learning opportunities to ensure the promotion of excellence, perseverance, self-discipline, independent learning and enjoyment.

We set out to care for the individual. Every student has special interests, talents and particular needs. They all develop at different rates. So at NBS we aim to match the work to suit those needs, in the confidence that in this direction lies real progress.

Student have the opportunity to be fully involved in the discipline of learning: planning work, asking questions, gathering information, presenting finished work and setting targets for future development. Our aim is to create a stimulating atmosphere where knowledge and understanding grow out of challenging activity.

We offer a broad, balanced, rigorous and relevant curriculum, meeting National Curriculum requirements, in the pursuit of understanding and excellence. We aim to be a community in which everyone feels valued, safe and secure; where support is offered and personal needs are met, and where everyone works together effectively.